Computer Repair At Home In Ho Chi Minh City

Computer & Laptop repair【Service™ 】center HCM city ⭐_⭐_⭐ Bao An Informatics has a technical unit to receive on-site computer repair at home in Ho Chi Minh city. The company provides quality office services on the spot such as: Ink refills printer, printer repair, photocopy, fax, computer repair, computer laptop, ….. with the motto ⭐ Cheap ⭐ Fast ⭐ Professional ⭐ Prestige ⭐ Quality ⭐ Ensure customers will be satisfied with our service.

 Contact: O33.5O2.8946 – O868.1994.84 (Zalo 24/7)

(Technicians are on duty and ready to support At Home 24 Districts in HCM city,  3O – 4Op Available)

Quality Computer Repair Address in Ho Chi Minh city

Specializing in Providing Computer Services at Home

Computer repair service center at home Bao An informatics has a team of highly skilled repair technicians, operating for many years in the profession, checking – accurately diagnosing diseases.

  1. Fix Basic Errors On Desktops, Laptops

Computer & Laptop repair center at home, Bao An Informatics is proud of having a team of highly skilled repair technicians, operating for many years in the profession, checking – accurately diagnosing diseases. Make sure customers are satisfied with the service. Technical receiving check – repair Computer on-site with errors such as

  • No image output
  • No power on – can’t power on
  • The device often has a blue screen
  • PC – Screen has jerky – lag – frozen phenomenon
  • PC can’t get into Windows
  • Do not accept components (Hard Drive, Keyboard, Mouse…)
  • …………


On-site Windows Installation Service

Installing Windows or reinstalling Windows is the most optimal method to solve problems that your PC/Computer/Laptop encounters errors such as: Slowness, lag, missed Virus, can’t enter Win, blue screen,. ..

With many years of operation in the on-site computer repair service industry, Bao An Informatics confidently provides professional and fast home installation and software installation services for all computer models on the Internet. current market with package services including:

  • Installing Windows versions according to customer requirements such as: Windows XP, 7, 8, 10, 11 with 32 bit and 64 bit version
  • Install the full set of Office software: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, …. with Microsoft Office versions such as 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019,… Install the full set of fonts
  • Install more graphic and design software: Adobe (Photoshop, Illustrator,…) Autocad, Corel, Sketchup,…
  • Install anti-virus software with license key
  • And some other software such as: Unkey, Browser, PDF reader,…
  1. Quality Onsite Computer Cleaning Service

After a period of use, PC and Laptop components are easy to collect dust, which hinders the cooling efficiency of the machine as well as affects the life of other components inside the machine. Cleaning the machine helps to increase the life of the machine as well as restore the machine’s performance.

To ensure the smooth operation of the machine, you can contact Bao An Informatics – a unit with a reputable – dedicated home computer repair, maintenance and cleaning service. We make sure to clean your computer/Laptop carefully, commit not to swap components with jobs such as:

  • Clean the PC’s RAM slot
  • Cleaning HDMI, USB, LAN, VGA, etc.
  • Clean the computer screen and outer shell.
  • Clean computer keyboard.
  • Clean CPU, Main, Computer Case, apply thermal paste.
  1. Upgrade, Replace Prestigious Computer Components

Replace Prestigious Computer Components
Replace Prestigious Computer Components

What makes a slow computer or a PC unable to play games well? Those are the components in an old or outdated computer. Bao An Informatics has a service to upgrade components at home with the best quality and cheapest, warranty – return to the place. Bao An Informatics receive upgrades – replace components such as:

  • Upgrading from a mechanical HDD to a hard drive from an SSD
  • Upgrade Motherboard (Mainboard)
  • Upgrade PC/Laptop RAM to higher capacity
  • CPU Upgrade for PC/Computer
  • Upgrade VGA Card / Discrete Graphics Card for PC Gaming
  • Upgrade some other peripherals for other computers such as: Power (PSU), Monitor (Monitor), Heatsink system (Heatsink), Case (Case), Keys – Mouse (Keyboard & Mouse)

How much does it cost to repair a computer in district 9?

The cost of checking – repairing Laptop, repairing computers on-site in District 9 ranging from only 8Ok VND ~ 4$ or you can refer to the repair price list of Bao An Informatics below.


No.Services**Service Fee*
1Install Windows PC/Laptop150 – 200
2Installing graphics software (When installed with Windows)30
3Install Windows/MAC OS for Macbook250 – 300
4Troubleshooting Wifi – Internet150
5Install Microsoft Office150
6Installing graphics softwares180
7Install anti-virus software250
8Share intranet, printer180
9Maintenance – Cleaning PC/Laptop150 – 350
10Hard drive data first aidContact
*Unit Price: Thousand VND, Customers should contact for detailed advice – repair quote before repair.

** Note: The technician will charge an inspection fee of 80 – 150k ~ 4 – 7$ if the customer DOESN’T AGREE to repair (Only applicable for home service)

Emergency Data Recovery Service

In case you accidentally delete an important file or the computer is damaged causing data loss, you can contact the hard drive data recovery service of Bao An Computer. We accept hard drive data recovery in cases like:

  • Recover data due to wrong format
  • Recover deleted data with Shift + Delete
  • Recover data due to Ghost – install windows wrong
  • Rescue data due to hard drive explosion Board, Firmwarem, Badsector
  • Rescue data due to hard drive failure, reader failure, mechanical failure
Emergency Data Recovery
Emergency Data Recovery

Some cases cannot recover data:

  • Virus encrypted data, changed the file extension
  • Installing Windows many times overwrites the data partition
  • Deleted data partition and repartitioned

Benefits When You Choose Computer Repair Service At Home Of Bao An Informatics

  1. Convenience

Time saving customer travel

  1. Fast

Be present from only 20P after Bao An Informatics receive the call

  1. Prestige

Warranty – responsibility – long-term after-sales for customers who have used the service. Fix problems quickly.

  1. Cheap price

Service price at home guaranteed competitive, suitable for all subjects.

  1. Professional

Skilled technicians who have been operating for many years in the field of hardware and software, are funny and enthusiastic.

  1. Quality

Quality assurance after completion, will not re-error

Contact Computer Repair At Home –

Service Name ✅ On-site Computer Repair Address in District 9 (Repair, Install & replace on-site components in HCMC)

Service Link ✅

Hotline ✅ O33.5O2.8946

Fanpage ✅

Address ✅ 702/126/8 Le Duc Tho, Ward 15, Go Vap District, HCM city

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